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Pretend Play: 5 Things To Imagine Little One's Heart

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Throughout adulthood, life rides us with all kinds of surprise.

How many wishes in which we wish turning back time and playing different roles.

Thinking about being little again is purely imaginary as we were kids doing a pretend play.

Pretending may offer a way to escape from the panic room of one's heart.

1. Playing With LEGO

When you think of LEGO, you immediately become the kid.

It is absolutely amazing.

LEGO is, after all, specifically designed for the enjoyment of being kids.

However, adults can also benefit from the luxury of building blocks.

Not only it reinforces the creativities, but also boosts your patience and determination.

The utmost benefit of LEGO is to improve your focus and concentration.

Given how tough a life can be, it is difficult to focus on what matters the most.

The idea of playing this toy is that you can quiet your mind and just be completely focus.

Sure, you will feel frustrated, but you will appreciate the fact that these are all parts of process.

Playing LEGO simply helps you forget daily wonders and the stress of life.

Lead you to feel calm and concentrate.

2. Keeping a Diary

Do you remember all those rainy cats afternoons when you write your moods in a diary as a kid?

Through a diary writing, you were able to express your deepest thoughts.

It could be about a person you admire at school or some random thoughts you had.

Keeping a diary is helpful for adults, as it can be an inner-most self-expression.

Furthermore, it helps you to eliminate the negative thoughts during the day.

Sometimes, it is important that you acknowledge your fears, so you can be true to yourself.

And one of the best solutions to do this is by keeping a diary.

Of course, you do not have to be faithful in writing all the things that have happened in a day, but it can surely benefit you more.

3. Playing Games

It holds true that playing games usually get a bad rap.

But through the findings of scientific studies, there are substantial advantages to play games.

In reality, playing games can actually improve your mental health, neuron linkage, as well as your cognitive and social skills.

These benefits are not only applicable to kids but also to adults.

The benefits of playing games for adults is endless.

There are multiple games that show you the survival skills to be implemented in different life events.

Logics through which you can get ahead in life.

4. Crafting

The idea of holding a glue gun and playing around glitters, stickers, and rockets is fun.

However, there is nothing wrong that adults can have fun with crafting as well.

In fact, the moment you give it a try, you might fall in love with its genuineness.

Crafting for adults, in particular, presents itself in various forms.

Of course, as an adult, you get access to tons of tools and materials which you can use to your advantage.

Ultimately, crafting can help you elevate mental stress.

Crafting requires you to learn the value of patience and determination.

You do not have to be good at crafting at all.

Just have fun.

Be the kid.

That is the beauty of this practice indeed.

The benefits of crafting can be major, such as giving you the ability to steer clear from stress and keeping you focused.

Driver Matters  |  Pretend Play: 5 Things To Imagine Little One's Heart

5. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are definitely not new in this world.

However, a lot of adults across the world have completely forgotten the essence of playing Jigsaw puzzles.

Considering the many benefits it offers, it is time for you to start putting all pieces together.

For starters, this game can help you improve your problem solving skills.

Further, it lets you retrain your brain muscle, especially as you try to fit the puzzle pieces.

Last but not least, playing Jigsaw puzzles can improve your cognitive functioning and thus, decreases the possibility of having dementia.

These pretend play ideas are not only for kids to enjoy.

You, as a grown-up can benefit from them in a long run.

Give pretend-play a try, so you can see how your overall well-being grows.

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