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Bipolars: 7 Tricks To Stay Warm

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Most journeys advance us into an unknown territory like we have never been to before.

Some journeys could mean to be less merciful.

Take polars for example: due to extreme weathers and unpredictables, our survival instinct is merely an adrenaline result from a self-desperation.

How to stay warm when an unforeseeable storm is coming?

These 7 tricks should get you started.

Make sure to keep them in mind!

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1. Ensure To Warm Yourself

In case you are unaware, changing your body temperature is very plausible.

As a matter of fact, it is easier to manage than set the thermostats.

It is also eco friendly.

So instead of turning up the heat, you might just want to add another layer of clothing.

It is pretty straightforward, right?

Warming yourself first is definitely a must.

You can think of different ways to achieve this.

For instance, you must layer yourself up by putting some thermal clothes.

Another perfect way to stay warm is to prepare three or more socks.

Do not forget to add a scarf or a hat as well as gloves.

It does not matter what style they offer – you are more concerned with their ability to keep yourself layered and warm.

Now that you have the first trick down, let's take a look at the rest.

2. Stop the Shivering

Shivering is a warning sign that tells you to start warming up or find a warmer place.

As soon as your skin temperature declines, shivering will start to kick in.

But why does it happen?

Basically, it is your body’s attempt at trying to keep your core temperature from falling further.

This spasmodic contracting of your body actually consumes calories, which, in turn, generates heat that can be used to replace the one your body is losing.

Keep in mind, though, that once your body stops shivering, the muscles are no longer contracting.

In other words, you are losing conduction. So stop shivering and just go find a warmer place.

3. Just Get Used To It

You might think that this one right here is a dumb one, but it actually works.

That is because anyone can always acclimate him/ herself to cold weather.

If a person tends to stay outside for a much longer time, she can easily reduce her “set point.”

The latter, in particular, is a mark when their body starts to respond to the cold.

Although nothing complicated can be digested from this idea, it seems a body fat called brown fat plays a significant role here.

Basically, this fat can be used to your advantage, so you can battle cold.

And what is more, spending so much time outside can boost the amount of brown fat your body has.

4. Turn Your Oven

Yes, that is right – your oven is not just perfect for cooking.

It can also be used to warm you during cold weather conditions.

Basically, turning it somehow gives warmth to the house.

The heat it generates can be distributed in the area, giving you a substantial amount of heat for your body to use.

5. Squeeze in a Workout

Instead of layering yourself with lots of clothes and/or blankets, why not use the time to exercise?

Seriously, it can help you wither the cold.

You can go for a jog in places or jumping ropes.

Whichever exercise you prefer, it should be helpful in keeping you warm.

It is a perfect thing to do when the temperature starts to get chilly.

Not only are you warming up, but you are also trying to stay healthy!

6. Be Active

Cold can get the best of you if you let it.

That is why it is important for you to keep moving, especially when the temperature starts to drop.

If you are not fond of doing some exercise routines, you can go with rearranging things.

Or, if not, try to arrange your books. It can be anything actually.

You just have to keep moving instead of slouching in a single corner.

The idea is to let your body move, so it can generate heat and make you energized.

7. Don’t Keep Sitting Down

What most people do not know is that sitting down on a cold bench or frozen ground can actually make them cold faster.

This is simply due to the fact that they are losing heat, thanks to the process known as conduction.

The latter refers to an event by which heat tends to transfer between a warm object and a cold one.

Looks like you got all the tricks to stay warmer these days.

And when the cold arrives, you know exactly what to do.

With that being said, make sure that you remember all of the aforementioned and that you actually follow them.

Good luck!

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