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Anger Management: 9 Tips to Calm Your Face

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Have you ever watched the movie, Little Nicky?

It is a fantasy comedy regarding decisions by the devil.

In the movie, all the rage and catastrophes are a fun plot to watch.

Little Nicky makes me wonder about anger.

At first glance, anger may seem to be perfectly normal for a person to emphasize a point.

However, constant anger could serve as an inner devil that hinders one's ability to be happy.

Driver Matters  |  Anger Management: 9 Tips to Calm Your Face

How to manage your anger?

Here are 9 tips to keep your anger at bay:

Always Plan Ahead

No one knows what lies ahead in the future.

What we can do is to predict and make our best shots at the moment.

Do not intimidate yourself with a thought that your decision is never good enough.

Revisiting the past is a must but only if it serves as a reference point for the future.

Fearing the future for oneself is the fuel for inner anger.

Live your decisions and practice how you could better make them next time.

Learn To Focus

In today's digitized social context, our attention is often disrupted by technologies and becomes short time span.

We program ourselves to be multi-tasking without realizing our overcommitment.

As a result, each underachieved task causes a breach of one's confidence and leave one's mind with anger.

Therefore, you should try to filter tasks and see them through without phone nerve-wracking or reply to complex messages.

Define the life you want with the importance of your life.

Take your time and enjoy what you do.

Do not let people tell you difference.

Flexibility Is Key

Even if you plan beforehand, there is always a surprise that could potentially ruin everything you planned.

Be prepared and flexible.

Take two steps back to recharge yourself when hitting the bumps.

Being angry about the circumstances is a waste of life.

Learn to adapt the work-arounds along the way.

Forget About Jobs

Yes, there are jobs that require your attention.

Some can take a good amount of hours to handle, while others may ask you to go through them within minutes.

Regardless, what you need to keep in mind is that not all jobs are created equal.

Simply put, some jobs can be left undone.

Try to finish everything is exhausting your ability to prioritize your life.

And it is anger free.

Count To Zero

Give yourself a break – you deserve it.

Once you take a break, you will have a better understanding of no need to be angry.

You will see how beautiful this world is. In your definition.

Practice this: slowly count from 10 to 0.

This should be a mathematic magic to change your state of mind.

Zero is known for its magic since ancient time.

Keep the zero and your heart will listen.


Think before you talk. We all know that.

However sometimes we cannot hold the anger bubbles because they keep bursting inside.

Our word vomit makes us the enemy to ourselves.

Your words should brighten someone's day.

When you are ready.

At least brighten your day since you own this life to yourself.

And, life is too short to be angry with.


Oftentimes you are encouraged to think outside the box.

It could be a new set of challenges from the management you need to solve.

Or perhaps you got updated with an unpleasant surprise you have to accept.

No matter how frustrated you are, it is vital that you stick with your plans for life.

Do what you love.

You do not work another day because you have to.

After all, there is no box or management.

There is just you.


Under no circumstances, do not attack people with anger.

Give yourself space and time to get into the right headspace.

Just Breathe

As tough as a situation can get, all you need is to take a few deep breaths.

Which helps to clean your mind.

In fact, it is so easy to do that you can do so within a minute or two.

which is breathing.

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