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True Obesity: I Know You Are But Who Am I

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Obesity. What does it mean?

You have known about obesity, a generalized media or medical term.

Or maybe it's from someone you know.

But have you given it a thought?

Does it just mean overweight?

No. Obesity has nothing to do with overweight.

It rather has everything to do with the truths that you swallowed.

Secrets that you try to mask.

True Obesity: I Know You Are But Who Am I

A big fat masking.

When you figure tears are no longer generated from the mental crack.

When your mind works around the clock with a bitter taste at the bottom of your heart.

That is how you became obese.

For every moment of your life you truly wish you could've lived authentic but you cannot.

People across the world have their own taste of secrets and chose being obese.

You might be interested in a charcoal sheet mask because you just had a huge fight with boyfriend(s) and somehow you couldn't stop crying (while tears still last).

It is not about cheating.

It is about who loves who most all these years.

True Obesity: I Know You Are But Who Am I

You never know you are leaning towards obesity. You might be already into acne control sheet mask and all kinds of face masks.

However, have you looked at yourself and understand obesity for what it is?

In this article, you will be introduced to some of the most important factors about obesity.

Keep reading.

1. Different From Being Overweight

This is definitely one of the misconceptions when it comes to obesity.

Just because you are overweight, it does not necessarily make you an obese.

Overweight is one of extras you are going to get when trapped in a self-inflicted prison of secrets.

However, overweight can also be used at your advantage to spice things up (use with caution).

It is in human nature not to tell the whole truth in preventing engaging in desperate situations.

Everything has a price tag including telling the truth.

Are you willing to pay the price or stay obese?

The best course of action here is to determine:

who you are to tell the truth,

what result you are seeking after telling the truth,

who you're trying to hurt or not to hurt when the truth revealed.

Have a clear picture in mind and vivid detail at your heart.

If you could not determine how big the price is, obesity can be an option.

Overweight on the other hand, is just a plain number of your BMI (body mass index) which can be increased or decreased at any time point.

By essence, it is an indirect measurement of your body fat, which is basically a ratio between your height and weight.

If you have a BMI that is between 25 and 29.9, then you are overweight.

2. Find Out Why

The most important thing, though, is that you find out why you fall for being obese.

You are never born to be perfect and sometimes the choices of life can be harsh.

The trauma, the infidelity, the manipulation, and many more.

Are you a victim or a predator?

Think though your path and pay close attention to what you are lacking.

What patterns you own? Mark each one of them.

Do not force a let-go. Let the lacking stay. So it makes you aware.

And keep going from now to future.

Besides, there are plenty of well-defined face masks that help you in the journey.

You can act strategically.

3. Obesity in Children Too

Most people think that obesity is only present among adults.

No, that is not the truth – it can also affect children.

Many researches and studies have proven that obesity is very present among kids.

What is worse, obesity can cause a childhood trauma.

And unlike adults, children find it hard to heal without a face mask.

True Obesity: I Know You Are But Who Am I

4. Affect Your Life

Not only obesity affect your life but drain your true self.

A person who is constantly obese is likely to encounter

Schizophrenia and life imbalance.

You find yourself easily irritated.

Plus, you open yourself to other risks, such as chronic pain, mental vortex, and

sleep disorders, among many others.

There is also another emotional side-effect.

You will feel under-appreciated with everyone around you or

feel obnoxious about everyday life.

5. Losing Weight Is Not Enough

What people forget is that losing weight is just a step towards fighting obesity.

It is not an ultimate solution.

Since it is multi-faceted, you need to perform a variety of changes.

For instance, you need to start changing how you mask yourself.

In order to train and trim your mind, you also want to get more fitness,

such as lifting and jogging.

Even more so, you need more quality sleeping hours.

In some cases, bad sleep can contribute to obesity.

Sure, it may sound like a fear to overcome, but it is not –

especially if you pay enough attention to your masking.

And not overindulge it.

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