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Mother Nature: 11 Steps to Put Yourself Before Others

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Putting others before yourself can be a mind challenge.

Simply because human nature tells you the other way.

To be empathic, you have to think beyond yourself and your own concerns.

The more you recognize others' needs, the less ego-centric you become.

To be empathic, you have to think beyond yourself and your own concerns.

A journey of developing empathy is rather less fulfilling in the beginning.


many study's findings indicate that firstly putting others' needs behind you makes

you a better person to provide for other people in a long run.

So, without further ado, here are 11 steps that can prepare you to put yourself before others.

The idea is to build rapport with people!

1. Broaden Your Horizons

In order to help people, you need to enrich your horizon with perspectives.

For instance, you want to help someone to learn about charcoal sheet mask benefits.

Be an expert about it so your can offer the expertise.

Shape yourself with different viewpoints to drive the value of your advice to someone in need.

The idea is to ingest the information from your surroundings, something that you can achieve by observing and listening.

When people start to ask questions (e.g. how to minimize face pores or rejuvenate skin), you are capable of being the first one to answer.

2. Consider Other People’s Feelings

The moment you understand another person’s feelings, you start feeling empathic for that person.

Your goal here is to put yourself in another person’s situation.

For example, when someone needs suggestions of beauty hacks or skin remedies, you put yourself in his/her shoes.

Possibly you may consider gifting him/her acne control face masks.

3. Just Giving

Compassionate individuals do not expect returns.

They give because they believe it is a right thing to do.

Even more so, giving makes them feel fulfilled.

At the end of the day, you will realize that a small giving can make a difference.

4. Always Feel Happy In The Happiness Of Others

Be a cheerleader. Consider it is a unique kind of leader!

People thrive when you cheer.

Watching people being happy allows you to learn about yourself.

This is most especially if you enjoy in doing so.

5. Be Confident

It is hard to make someone feel better if you do not have confidence in yourself.

It is vital that you are self-assured, as this is important in being communicative yet persuasive.

Take skincare for example, you know someone who is a fanatic of facial products.

You are confident to recommend the person to the beauty products that he/ she will love.

6. Find a Mentor

It could be your family, a friend, or someone you just met.

The key point is that you seek yourself in a person who shares your vision.

This individual, who will be your go-to guy, is someone who understands how to build effective empathy with you.

7. Value the Time of Others

Let’s say your friend wants you to accompany him/her to a skincare consultation that is overdue and therefore he/she can finally resolve a skin problem.

You understand your friend's concern and support it with your time-being.

When you make time for others, you take an initiative on matters that other people value.

Further, you can treat your friend to a home spa or show him/her about some DIY skincare techniques.

8. Forgive and Forget

A person who is empathic is someone who can forgive and forget.

Sure, it is not easy for a grudge to fade, especially if a person really does something bad to you.

But if you are empathic, you can see the other person’s point of view.

You will realize that instead of holding a grudge, life can be so much brighter if you embrace peace, love, and forgiveness.

9. Volunteer Your Time

Do you know of any charity groups?

Do you have friends who are so worried about their trouble skin or how to fight breakouts?

Regardless of what the situation is, it can be satisfying to volunteer your time.

After all, we are social animals and It is one of the many ways to become empathic.

10. Find Joy in Helping

Sometimes, people helping others is simply for the sake of it. If you are such person, you will eventually burn out.

You may come to realize that helping your friend to get rid of acne overnight can be challenging.

You have to be voluntary and find joy in helping others.

11. Be Selfish Everyday

Even if others are not, you must be selfish.

Putting yourself before others is one of the ways to make this world a much better place.

You do not need someone to tell you that, though. It should come naturally from you.

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