Frequently asked questions

How do I become a member?

With a face mask/ merch purchase

What is Weeping Slayer?

With a recent order, you are welcome to join Weeping Slayer (the ultimate reward hub) located in your profile Enjoy your very own curated reward program, points earning, and member perks

What is in the empowered collection?

Since the design is frequently updated, the specifics regarding the merch will be left to members' votes. You are more than welcome to check our social channels with our periodically updates. Or, chat with us anytime !

Is your chat 24/7?

We do have a Monday -Thursday 11am-7pm (CST). Response is almost immediate during these hours. If the response is not immediate, our team will get back to you within a 24hr time frame.

What are other member benefits?

Deals and better prices are offered through member communication channels Member(s) is first to know the events and early access to the future app(s).

Are face masks suitable for everyday use?

Yes. Our products are kids friendly. Our face masks are specialized in targeting the: acne treatment , deep hydration, anti-aging, & Lifting. All our products are the result of a dedicated team work in last 5 years.

How do I cancel my monthly pass?

Log in to the paypal account to cancel. Cancel anytime. You are welcome to chat with us if any questions.

What is your shipping policy?

US Domestic $10 Express Shipping 2-3 business days International $20 Express Shipping 5-7 business days Purchase $250 Express Shipping FREE