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The Art of Masking: Why Women Mask Their Feelings

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Women are known to look stronger than they appear to be on the outside.

A woman can carry herself pretty well as if she is never broken or devastated from a past.

She smiles through the pain as if the pain is not there.

Saying 'YES' is not uncommon for a woman to avoid complicating things or getting into trouble.

You make people think you are okay when you are not.

Hiding one’s feelings is called masking.

What is masking

Masking is an act of hiding one’s personality, moods, or feelings to avoid a conflict.

In other words, it is a passive defense because a woman may sense that she has to hide her emotions to conform to the social pressure or to prevent a situation from escalating.

What causes masking

There are many factors that drive a woman to mask or hide her true self. A woman wears a façade to repress the emotions in order to blend in those who disapprove her.

Here are some of the reasons why women seek masking:

Emotional Challenges

A fair amount of females may feel the need to block what they really feel when their private space is intruded or when they are with difficult acquaintances.

Women tend to display the masking behavior during difficult time.

When a loved one gets sick or dies, for example, women do not want to show their true emotions to exhibit their vulnerability.

Women tend to remain strong because they believe it is women's nature to be the strong one in protecting their loved ones.

Social expectations

Many women think the society forces how they should look and feel.

A woman is expected to behave.

Although the context of today's world is evolving and changing, women may constantly feel the need to hide themselves.

Self control

Most women believe that when you show true emotions, you are powerless.

It’s like stripping the personal power and losing control of oneself.

Concealing emotions can be a way to shield the unease of a woman.

People’s reactions

Exhibiting one’s emotions may be seen as a sign of fragility, which is something most people do not favorite.

Women fear that they will be judged because they allow themselves to show the weakness.

What is wrong with masking

Masking one’s emotions does have its consequence.

In a workplace, for example. If you don’t speak up your mind, it can lead to a job dissatisfaction, stress, and dissonance. The issues are both mental and physical.

Same can happen to your personal life.

Disguising yourself tends to result a further confusion in a long run because you are not being true with the people around you.

A family member or your partner may view you as an untruthful person.

Masking could therefore drain the intimacy of others, which puts a stop to relationships.

What emotions hide behind

Anger, disappointment, embarrassment, fear, frustration, and solitude are usually the hidden feelings because women consider these emotions to be negative and can only develop negative responses.

In conclusion…

Women do not enjoy "she is easy." Professionally or personally.

Women want to be seen as someone who is intellectually strong. 

Independent yet powerful. 

Displaying one’s vulnerability may be viewed as a behavior against the women empowerment. 

It’s a sign of powerlessness.

However this should not be the case. 

True empowerment means define yourself without living the definitions of others.

It is to feel freely, enjoy freely, and most of all, live freely with yourself.

Driver Matters: live freely

It is not uncommon for a woman to mask her emotions. 

But once you allow yourself to be consumed by masking, to the point that your true self is no longer your concern. 

Not too shabby, isn't it? 

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