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Take the Leap: sometimes your End Game is not about money

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What You Can Do For DEMOCRACY?

Make Tough Time Shopping Experience. Simple

Driver Matters

is a beauty philanthropic endeavor which aims to reduce the impact of carbon emissions.

Established some years ago.

- Create a business that drives social change with a lasting, transformation benefit to society

- Empower people to understand how to be a philanthropreneur

- Raise awareness of the impact of carbon emissions

Everyone knows that cars are a major CO2 source of damage to our environment as they produce toxic pollutants that result in greenhouse emissions and climate change.

Passenger vehicles are considered the main contributors to air pollution, and air pollution accelerates extreme global warming.

Humanity is already dealing with the consequences of global warming such as rising sea levels and melting of glaciers.

While it is impossible not to use cars, there are ways to lessen carbon emissions.

One of the practical ways to minimize the impact of cars to the environment is through rideshare.

Rideshare in any form shapes the space of transportation as we notice it.

This service is enable users' less gas consumption worldwide and expects to go to next level in a some few more years.

Rideshare contributes to the improvement of the environment in a major way:

it claims to decrease the number of cars that are on the road.

According to a study by the University of California, Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center, for each car-share in use, there are about 9-13 fewer cars on the road.

It helps reduce air pollution.

Since rideshare reduces the number of automobiles, it also follows that fewer cars produce less carbon dioxide.

U.C. Berkeley study reveals that rideshare removes from 5.5 tons to12.7 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

It helps conserve non-renewable energy sources.

Rideshare potentially reduces the unnecessary traffic congestion because lesser cars on the road.

Driver Matters is a carbon emission inspired project.

Through a shared vision of rideshare.

The concept also empowers many entrepreneurs & the US senate who are socially aware and contribute positively to humanity and the environment.

It therefore encourages the practice of philanthropreneurship.

The word philanthropreneurship, coined from the words philanthropy and entrepreneurship, points a way which allows business owners and entrepreneurs not only to profit but also to

have a meaningful contribution to the society through their businesses.

It is an idea to encourage a business to amplify its business gain, in a form of benefiting humanity and the world.

If not less.

With the efforts from Jackie Daily, its current project owner, Driver Matters focus on its goal and mission to make the world a better place.

Jackie Daily ensures the practice of philanthropreneurship and delivers it not only via a business of skincare but also through a further reach in different areas of consumer products.

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