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Climate Change: 5 Evidences To Prove Weather Is Not The One To Be Bullied

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Climate change: a topic pops up every now and then on news and social medias.

Do you really care?

It is just another mediocre tweet to you.

You probably don't care how powerful the climate change is until it destroys offsprings and you.

Until then, everything is fine.

You still live with pollutants, consume plastics, and breath carbon dioxide (CO2).

When nature gets in the way, people would think it is just weather.

"Let leaders worry about the destructive weather"- people think.

"Don't look at me. I didn't do it" - people state.

Weather is taking the backseat and watching humanity in spotlight.

Now you know why your face skin easily compromises to the environment.

Because of the climate change.

You work so hard to keep your skin healthy as keeping yourself in an everyday routine with so many skincare products.

It worked – certain skincare products should change your skin condition.

So is the weather. It is changed. And it keeps changing.

Oh well, you know that already.

Now are you curious to know what caused climate change?

Before you consider charcoal sheet masks (reusable & upcycleable) instead of plastic bottles, you should first understand how the climate change affects your skin.

With that being said, let’s dive into five evidences that prove humans triggered the climate change.

1. Man-Induced Forest Fires

Sure, you can say that deforestation is caused by nature.

And while it is still one of the causes of global warming, there are actually companies and individuals in this world that are fond of forest fires.

Why? The answers are tons, but one can say that these are for individual gains.

Unfortunately, forest fires have effects that possess a huge threat to the air on this planet.

What is the point that you work so hard to your beauty when earth is no longer with you?

Simply put, forest fires are hurting our planet and causing climate change.

And if humanity misfits its responsibility for this catastrophe, earth of course can stay silent and let nature run its course.

2. Pollution

Ah, pollution.

Pollution exists as long as the society evolves.

Humans tend to consume and produce pollutions to a great extent for the sake of power struggles.

The process can result in a mass production of carbon dioxide that both earth and humans suffer from.

Think about those companies or industries that release various gases, both into air and water.

Overnight zit care targeting breakouts might be your thing right now, but the pollution is the root cause increasing your skin pore blockings.

3. Landfills

This is a vital issue must be resolved.

Otherwise, climate change is only going to get worse.

In case you did not notice, landfills refer to massive chunks of garbage that does not only stink but also sit around the world.

Companies, on the other hand, try to upcycle the wastes in an attempt to make some useful products.

In most cases, however, garbage is burned to produce power.

It is called waste-to-energy or bioenergy.

This is where the problem comes into play.

The process results in the production of carbon dioxide, which, as mentioned above, contributes to the climate change and your skin buildups.

4. Overpopulation

Hello, China!

Actually, the country is not to be bullied alone.

The cause of climate change is overpopulation as well.

Like the above-mentioned, carbon dioxide also has a connection to overpopulation.

And considering billions of people exhale in this world, where do you think this carbon dioxide would go?

The whole point is that overpopulation has somehow become a culprit to the weather changes the world is experiencing today.

And no amount of beauty products can help you stop it in an instant.

5. Mining

Keep in mind that mining is one of many culprits needs to be responsible for producing greenhouse gases, which, as you would've guessed it, resulting in climate change.

In fact, the carbon footprint has been an increasing deal alongside many emerging technologies with regards to the energy consumption.

Considering the existence of human race, do we just sit and watch our doom?

The T-zone is getting over-oily and hard to maintain.

Climate change is real, and you cannot live in denial any longer.

The things humans do today have taken a toll on the planet.

Good thing is, it is not too late to turn things around.

Researchers and environmentalists still believe there is a good chance to fight climate change.

However majority of us are not yet researchers, aren't we?

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