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Cut Through The Noises: Never Talk Like A CEO Even When You’re One

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Sometimes, living in the C suite is not a dream to catch.

Instead, it is a life you live to miss.

Chief Executive Officer's worst nightmare:

how to stay in the business game with forever sales.

An infinite loop that will never exit.

Without winning the best attention from potential customers, it is almost impossible for them to purchase your product or service.

No matter how good you can pitch the essence of skincare and beauty products, your goal will not be met if you cannot win the affection of potential clients.

If you want to cut through the noises and be able to convey what you are trying to sell, you have come to the right spot.

To make an impression to a potential buying customer, here are few pointers:

1. Always Start With the Unexpected

Do you want someone to be interested in a product like an acne control sheet mask?

Or maybe you just want to pass some information about certain products?

Regardless, the key here is to always start with the unexpected.

Instead of starting with a whimper, you should jumpstart the conversation with

a bang.

Basically, you want the person’s attention to be caught right at the get-go.

Let’s say you are selling face masks.

You do not want to dry your audience with a sales pitch.

Why not start your line with something like, “how do you indulge yourself?”

It is a question that inspires your audience to share.

And on top of the sharing, you gain better attention from the mind of a potential business partner.

2. It is All About Them

People tend to showcase themselves to get better attention.

However, If you are thinking about selling, you need to filter the conversation to be more customer centric– not you or the products.

Help your customers to create a need to buy DIY skincare.

The key is to make a friendly conversation with your audience.

And listen to them.

3. Do Not Force It

You want your message to be heard.

The message is short and sweet.

Is right on target.

And it is not because your customer is not interested, he needs time to process.

There are many other products queue up his wishlist ahead of you.

As long as your message is sweet and brief, consistent messaging will lead you to your customer's heart.

Your goal, at the end of day, is to better communicate and listen.

You want your audience to understand your product, for instance, the importance of self-treatments.

Let's say if you are not forcing the message, you leave a better chance for each other.

Less is better.

4. Create a Desire

Imagine a purchase you are about to make.

Let’s say you are eyeing an overnight zit care because you have a big day tomorrow.

However, you are not purchasing.


Even if a-big-day-coming-up can serve as a logic reason, your desire does not grow from it.

It is worth noting that desire and want are alike but at different level.

Despite the fact that a person wants something, he will not make the move if he does not have the desire.

A deeper wanting in human psyche.

In order to bond the audience with your products, you will have to stir the desire with a bit of solitude and distance.

Let's peak into the love letter(s) between French military and political leader Napoléon Bonaparte and his wife Joséphine de Beauharnais:

Marmirolo, July 17, 1796
I got your letter, my beloved; it has filled my heart with joy.
I am grateful to you for the trouble you have taken to send me news; your health should be better to-day — I am sure you are cured. I urge your strongly to ride, which cannot fail to do your good.
Ever since I left you, I have been sad. I am only happy when by your side.
Ceaselessly I recall your kisses, your tears, your enchanting jealousy; and the charms of the incomparable Joséphine keep constantly alight a bright and burning flame in my heart and senses.
When, free from every worry, from all business, shall I spend all my moments by your side, to have nothing to do but to love you, and to prove it to you?
I shall send your horse, but I am hoping that you will soon be able to rejoin me.
I thought I loved you some days ago; but, since I saw you, I feel that I love you even a thousand times more.
Ever since I have known you, I worship you more every day; which proves who false is the maxim of La Bruyère that "Love comes all at once."
Everything in nature has a regular course, and different degrees of growth.
Ah! pray let me see some of your faults; be less beautiful, less gracious, less tender, and, especially less kind; above all never be jealous, never weep; your tears madden me, fire my blood.
Be sure that it is no longer possible for me to have a thought except for you, or an idea of which you shall not be the judge.

There, there, and there.

As you can see, there is a desire seeded.

Perhaps your target audience does not show an interest right now, but his heart grows a desire.

All you have to do is to follow.

You will be surprised how a desire can be manifested.

Every CEO is once upon a time a salesman and sells people his/ her impossible dream.

Catching one's desire is an ever-changing game.

Keep in mind that you must follow one's desire with love and care!

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